Part One: Some Tips For Clerics in Maplestory

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Part One: Some Tips For Clerics in Maplestory Empty Part One: Some Tips For Clerics in Maplestory

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Although Clerics are the weakest in terms of damage, their high wealth and the fact that they are virtually invincible more than makes up for it. Clerics are one of the more sought after classes in Party Quests and are never absent during tough raids. This section is a stub. Help us expand it, and you get a cookie. Level(cheap maplestory mesos) 30-34: Train where you have trained before. Ant Tunnel is a good choice, and so is Land of Wild Boars.

Jr Sentinels and those green and horned mushroom tree dungeons at Ellinia are profitable alternatives. You can also go for teddies in Ludibrium as your heal at below 100 damage in Maplestory, it will not help you kill. Even a zombie mushroom. At this time try Monster Carnival partyquest, At these levels you hardly get in but since your a cleric with heal or teleport Which you should have. You will get in 65% of the time. You can also tell the opponent to max chronos or master chronos if you have max or have half of the heal skill.

Level(MapleStory powerleveling) 35-39: Zombie Mushrooms should about do right now. Your Heal is still too weak to 1HKO Zombie Mushrooms, or any other undeads for that matter, but you can hurt a large amount of them at once. When your heal level reaches 15, you should be able to take out zombie mushrooms 3-6hits. From heal level 21-30 heal improves dramatically and you can try.


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