Part Two: Training Grounds in Maplestory

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Part Two: Training Grounds in Maplestory Empty Part Two: Training Grounds in Maplestory

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Part Two: Training Grounds in Maplestory

We got the information for Maplestory players from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

If you start with Lightning, you can also keep it at level(Buy maplestory mesos) 15 when you reach level 35, assuming you put 1 pt in Teleport at level 30, and train on the hamsters on the 99th floor of Helios tower. This will be a lightning wizards' fastest EXP gain until at least level 55, if you work it correctly. To compare for around level 50, better to kill 4 Retz at 78XP each every 6 seconds, than 1 fire drake at 220 EXP each, and the Retz spawn en-masse at one spot.

While larger rarer monsters like Fire Drakes require you to travel and suffer plenty of damage. Then just work the Retz until you get enough points stored save at least 9 to raise Lightning to level 24 directly from 15. This is because the spell doubles in cost from 20 to 40, at spell level 16, making it very hard on your potions. At about lightning level 24, the damage increase should be worth the doubling of MP, but if you Are unsure, you can wait until you get 12 skill points.

It's also very safe to train at the Retz as you ca not get hit unless you are grabbing loot. This way if you are a hardcore grinderou, you can possibly gain 2-3 levels a day at low experience levels. If you are careful with your lightning to mob at least 4 Retz per cast, and pick up all the loot and seeds, you should at least break even in mesos/potion use, unlike lorangs.

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