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Set of shooting game reviews-CS Online 2 Empty Set of shooting game reviews-CS Online 2

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Counter-Strike Online 2 is based on Valve’s Counter-Strike: Origins Source engine based development. The NEXON making “Counter-Strike OL” sequel, NEXON company has started full production, and has completed a test version.The first test starting on August 2, 2012, a period of five days. After that will come to open more testing activities. This at the end of this year, is expected to open the packaging and testing activities.
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[Features] inherit before game
1 “Counter-Strike OL2″ in FPS online game Counter-Strike OL based add the development of today’s pop elements. Games will inherit its predecessor’s fight against flu and unique weapon purchase system before the game, a strong sense of the attacks and strategic weapons purchasing system reproduction of the original game.

2 experience more fun than before
“Counter-Strike OL2″ previously used for content-based add a new map and game characters, the original game mode allows gamers to experience more fun before. At the same time, also the Counter-Strike OL classic map DUST2 ITALY TRAIN INFERNO, etc. according to the modern style building, reworked composition of modern technology, and original image texture are improved. “Counter-Strike OL2″ will be better than before the game screen.
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3 You can play in the low coupled with high-quality FPS games
Counter-Strike OL2 Although the desired configuration and its predecessor similar hardware specifications than the original level is low, but the role and background image is indeed the highest level. Not only that, but a realistic sense of the attacks and operational sense, moderation of non-reality game elements, players can not resist gaming experience environment, and the role and background of the game screen will be the top level. The same time, a strong sense of reality to combat flu and operation sense, for each player comfortable game environment. buy wow gold


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