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 Innovative design of Tracy Zych Empty Innovative design of Tracy Zych

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In the street snap, we can find a variety of big bags figure, often will find a number of innovative design, but little-known bag. In fact, the fashion capitals like New York, stars in addition to love big bags, but also very fond of the works of independent designers, such as Tracy Zych is precisely such an independent designer brands.

A star created a fashion brand, sounds incredible, but for many independent designers, the star of the fastest shortcut to help them fame. The Tracy Zych well versed in this, a specially designed bag, a movie character Sienna Miller and Sienna Miller in the movie the name of the role played by naming – Edie. Bags ready, Tracy Zych this red bag with the assistance of Sienna Miller, Sienna Miller thereafter regarded as the heart of love this bag, frequently carrying it access to a variety of places, from the quick Tracy Zych fame, to become New York’s hottest fashion designer brand.

Edie’s big heat is also not incidental. Edie bag design, very easy way out, Edie’s style bag is extremely wild, with formal dress with jeans and sandals are very suitable. In practicality, Edie bag design favorably in the number of bags can hold a lot of things, including documents and magazines, and semi-style bag empty does not mean the collapse of soft down there are three small pockets to put a cell phone, keys and cosmetics. Practical, there has been in hot pursuit of a number of stars. It is no wonder that Tracy Zych Edie bag so the fire.

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