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Developed by Korean game developer ZEMI Interactive MMORPG 4Story Game Agents Game & Game has been the introduction of the North American market. This resembles the "4Story" World of Warcraft "large-scale online games, will America West, July 9, 2008 7:00 to open the first beta, open beta is expected to last one week. 4Story will be reflected in the contents of the story, a variety of tasks, the regional battle and strategic command system (Real-time, Strategy the Command System) and so on. 4story gold Company personnel, said the strategic command system, the command to direct the peer system according to the movements of his companion and the enemy's position, will be used in the team, trade unions, regional occupation war, national war ". Game race of humans, orcs, monsters and other three, career warrior, killer, Archer, Mage, worship, and Summoner. In addition, the game players will travel through time and space to the endless task, to experience the freshness and fun. "4Story" The Korea ZEMI INTERACTIVE developed a description of the role of a hero the process, and has a huge mission system and RSCS (real-time strategy command system) MMORPG. "4Story" composed by the three countries. These three countries has a brave sergeant, mysterious magic, and the powerful mercenary. These three countries advocate a different history, which became the fuse pulled the endless war between the three countries. A hero will change the fate of these three countries, to the victory of their own will unlock the history of the puzzle to end the war, the hero players. The game player can choose three race: Terran, Orcs and Orcs. Six occupational Optional: warrior, assassin, archer, mage, priest and call. Previously sent a screenshot of the dialogue and GM, this time after a week of exploration, and finally determined to practice occupational hit Chaoliang gold weapons, the DPS, the skills to get a flat level strange! ! cheap 4story luna % X; ^ 3 f / the X8 O # g2, Y because of you, the game more attractive. Now relying on the broken English and some players of the team, brush task, the official website of the U.S. service to do a good, detailed description of the task Y "~ | 6 l2 K; ​​{games, small games, single games, online games, game downloads, Raiders of the game, game information, game trading I just rely on a web page translator to OK it! Very easy to do the task : K: d / n / @, _-p. U: kill BOSS against the public channel, shouting who can help me kill boss? Some people are eager to help you. Because you, the game more attractive. ; H + l4 Q $ Z) J L8 +] The following goal is to got to 30, then FB, PVP! | 6 o * g? K: i3 \) X8], @ America, serving the greatest pleasure is to challenge you to play with the task of a full English sense of accomplishment, buy 4story gold so leveling is not boring, but also to strengthen their English proficiency game home d: We have previously reported that South Korea has an online "4Story" screen with "World of Warcraft" very much like. This game is still in beta, while the South Korean company making this game ZEMI Interactive, declared after reports: game interface resembles other online games players reacted strongly, the company plans to be modified before the start of the beta. Click to view previous reports >> plagiarism rife: South Korea Jingxian "the Korean version of World of Warcraft" Currently, the online games have begun to beta, those exactly like the "World of Warcraft" to modify it? Our friends to find a few South Korea handed out screenshots and found that the game is indeed modified, but we misunderstood ZEMI Interactive, the original statement, that they feel that not enough like, before the start of the beta "modify" more like the "World of Warcraft. The story of the foundation between the actual situation, and you will be the heroic posture of the coming world. "4Story" is a MMORPG, epic, games, virtual Ivernia mainland. The Korea ZEMI production team with special reference to the considerable number of Western mythology, create a charming fantasy creatures, and diverse space-time background map and refined scene. This is a story about sign language, born in the universe, Creator goddess teardrop to create things in the destruction of God contend, the fate of God, predicted that "sad tears will bring disaster until the long-lasting. Contradiction species involved in the long war the battle will be endless. " 4story luna Public of God because of the opposition, misunderstanding and hatred, into a divergent war, the ancient prophecy on this true. The nascent Earth was torn, fresh forest and over the dead body pollution, originally rich continent bloody goddess unable to resist this chaotic world of reincarnation. The prophecy of the battle will never be able to stop, until the emergence of salvation! !


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