Imitation of World of Warcraft online game 4Story flattering or trend?

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Imitation of World of Warcraft online game 4Story flattering or trend? Empty Imitation of World of Warcraft online game 4Story flattering or trend?

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4story gold | Blizzard released the operating history of our favorite online game. Issued from the number of active users and revenue of the game more than any other a MMORPG game. If an industry was born a success, profitability of the product, then the wave surge of plagiarism will be followed by. I play "4Story" for several days, but I still can not determine if this is not a real good game, because it blindly apply the characteristics of the "World of Warcraft. Or will this just inadvertent imitation, just looks, feels or sounds similar to "World of Warcraft, but in fact not the case. "4Story" role in creating the user interface, skills and tasks like "World of Warcraft. The role of the action, fighting and even death and the "World of Warcraft" is exactly the same. I am not saying this is a bad thing, "4Story" a completely different background story, a different race, the role of talent development mode is different, but these were not enough to bring players a unique and pleasant gaming experience. I have to say "no." I want to like this game, I want to immerse yourself in a whole new dynamic game world. However, I found a troll warrior I practiced the warrior role to play in the "World of Warcraft" has the same intent and purpose. I just can not get rid of this feeling of deja vu. I think previously in the game which killed a wild boar to collect the teeth, and so on. I had to write and in the evaluation of "4Story" article, but now I can not write. I will tell you "4Story" The game is very interesting, and if you like the "World of Warcraft" in the first few minutes of time you will find fun, cheap 4story luna |but nothing more. Choose a server to open a trumpet, and your large "Wrath" to prepare, it will be much more interesting. Blizzard provides us with so much good content, "4Story" is at best a lame imitators. If you want a steak, only ordered a hamburger will not make you satisfied. I just hope that this future too eager to imitate the "World of Warcraft," the trend to go away, we are able to play to larger and better game. Different from the "World of Warcraft, 4Story is a free game. Many people will choose to play free games, but if a game's quality is really superior, I will not be too mean to dig into their pockets. Some of the latest listing of online games, I see a disturbing trend, they are anxious onto the market as soon as possible, however, the vast majority of them just dressed, loud thunder, rain, lack of substance. The world's most discerning person than a player, I do not know why the game developers and studios why this fact be forgotten. If they introduced a sub-standard products, and they will definitely be denounced by players. This is nowadays occurred in the "Age of Conan" on the things, of course, other games will be the same from happening. At the end of the article, I would like to say to you, personally and play "4Story", but if you want to seek some new and original things in this game, then you go away for, because in the "4Story" These are the track to homing. Emperor Ferguson the Bridger ? Broken Diya Te ", the reign of Queen, who unified under Ivica Elijah, and built to resist across the sea Bridget Thorn mainland evil Mu alien invasion" Allah Hull "defensive wall defensive city. Therefore, buy 4story gold |all urban architecture in the building, focused on defense capabilities, and this style has been adopted so far. Gives the impression of the city is the seat, surrounded by thick walls and bunkers, resulting in a very strong visual impression of the fortress castle. But if you want what the characteristics of the Emperor Fergus, or the majority of land-based agriculture occupies a dominant position although there are also industries, iron civilization. The territory south of Dili Fergus completion of that area as the center of the vast earth, although once was Bor occupation, will eventually be recovered, so far as the agricultural center of Emperor Fergus, played an important role. The military origin of the monarchy "satisfied Ban Shalini, who is the guardian of this place, a historian, and into the central political. Since the "纳德瓦希尔 battle, Brid Queen disappeared, the power gap that occurred during the Black Moon Night Massacre" event, in the process of clean up the mess after some power infighting, and eventually lost Quebec Eriksson "exposed Deluopeisa", to return to Royal Fergus area fall within their sphere of influence, and there established a national, self-styled ruler strong kingship as the basis, and in order Lourdes, Quebec Eriksson clashed fully prepared. All players belonging to the Emperor Fergus, can use the Emperor Fergus inherent in the Group exclusive fighting ability, which is representative of the Dili the Fergus military characteristics of the technology team with the enemy-enabling the ability to battle, composed of dense posed. 4story luna |


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