4story gold to buy materials price in the hands of handling

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4story gold to buy materials price in the hands of handling Empty 4story gold to buy materials price in the hands of handling

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I was a 4Story businessman. Used to earn a little money, but it is a money thing.
Recently looked at the4story gold official so-called none other activities also pondering the prospect of businessmen after the activity.A purely personal point of view. Do not like do not curse.One of the first businessmen What is the purpose? Reselling to earn moneyIn fact, as long as did the businessman friend should understand that in fact each class of goods (such as advanced materials. Low material) regardless of the type of goods. The same level profit is comparable to the daily profits of a businessman out by the individual volume of the decision. shipments in turn, market demand to decide as time goes by (that is often said that the old area). often a daily consumption of power fluctuations in a range. an average of every businessman. ideal state (without major reform of the official) business daily income is about the same, but the silver / gold ratio increased to promote their income further micro.(2) silver gold ratio.
We all know that the stock exchange ratio of silver and gold decided consignment online silver and the proportion of the story - gold in the 517 third-class game.
Districts, business persons (in the world every day called to buy the material refers to the merchant. But the kind of holding N insurance professional traders) .. will be close attention to the stock of gold and silver price ratio, because the gold and silver price ratio directly determine the proportion of their shipments as the materials before the card we all thought that the material card, a gold would immediately rise a lot of traders (small businessmen holding a few hundred D or one thousand D) in the stock, a large number of earn a 4 story - gold buying gold and other updates. the results of the morning, the price of gold rose once 1L = 4D +. to noon was quickly suppressed. to 350 up and down all 100 hands 200 hands lost. originally thought that the official GM to intervene. Then I thought for a long time I think it is a large number of insurance bailout.
Why is that? A material card after gold demand. Convenient shipping .2. Can effectively prevent the gold up.
Then there may be some people will ask the insurance holding gold do not want the gold prices? Then you think about the hundreds of hands or a Buddhist goddess of gold. Single-handedly up dozens L. Senju just how much money? Several hundred-D! Wan D, silver in their hands is their top priority, so the proportion of gold and silver for businessmen determine their profitability.
(3) official regulation.cheap 4story luna
Recently officials repeatedly stressed that the 4 story - gold company to crack down on playing. Indeed official has done a lot of measures binding material such as demolition equipment .4 D tasks. Brush strange violence rates, etc. Speaking of these official name of the fight against to fight under the banner of money. In fact, I think do not want the so-called businessmen divided into a cup of ranunculus. why? Push banks carry the banks actually is the official selling silver .. businessman robbed of his business. Of course, to block, then take a direct merchant goods - materials to make a fuss. Material card. Also remember that before the update of the material card late. player owner blocked post updates on the material card? That a lot of players imperfect semi-solution. Caused panic selling of the districts small materials merchant. Many businessmen warehouse materials are selling fast in the form of capital preservation. This wave unfinished. Gone. Five times today's material insurance. materials market Depression is further delayed. and in my opinion. official methods in the event of CAO new activities. the first activities set in a very short time. players thought the odds were hard to come by then. based on market reflects the adjustment will extend the active time and the price will be lowered, such as selling experience .180's bags are not getting cheaper (compared to before, such as 1L gold experience The increase in the proportion of .180 bag open replenish the skies of the key by a change of 2.) materials controlled by the merchant market in the next period of time will enter thebuy 4story gold winter. do not know at the forum said that investment 4story gold to buy materials. waiting for friends liter straight to make a small fortune now is what kind of mood I wish you had said that day is just a joke.(4) new venture card
The new venture card update today is absolute. Some say it is out, so why now out and a constant period of time so a none other activities. World just someone shouting 30D / income entrepreneurs card. I .10 L, gold = an entrepreneurial card +10 L gold = 30D +10 L, gold the = 62D50L +72 Man gold that is 10 dollars (30% off to buy some in 91, 8 point eight seven cents ) can replace 62D50L money without fear of being cheated. not have to wait. do not have complex CAO do. doing a gross 3 = 1D. ask who will buy merchant money? One might ask the new venture card such a big market it? I would like to semi-or non-RMB players in the game most. By cycling and so some way to save money on a lot of people, because such articles have to charge money to use the points for the activities of the longer this trend will continue to persist (official wrote 3 CAO activities view). merchants only 4story - gold price in the hands of handling Perhaps that time is money really below a wool / D.The slowly official goods from a single material into a spree can only use points to buy official will not have to worry about so-called businessman points to own a piece of bread when the businessmen will come to an end. Invisible suppressed. businessman friend Remember that careful investment on the road full of mines. investment4story luna and speculation. earn a little money. bully of time.


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