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The first time to play king 4story gold Empty The first time to play king 4story gold

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The first time to play king of the world players in the leveling the Daguai of time are more depressed, because the Atlantica strange it is difficult to beat. I Daguai experience to tell you, novice to know how to pick the relatively simple to play the blame Early king of the world nothing to say, do not do the task can not be l 20, wants to do the task, equipment does not need to go scouring the tall, 01 be enough level to change, 4story gold `did not go directly to the market to buy the low-level equipment not expensive To 20 groups of the Master to kill Dragon Dragon Palace internal, presumably a lot of people know, the Dragon is very out gray the crystallization Yonggungsa box, pearls and other precious materials, and almost immediate concern 25 back and do the task to go to, do not do task can not be l 30 level, as long as the Dragon Palace tasks done say a word to the entrance to Angkor Wat. Finish the task about 28, 29 .. Ben Angkor 3rd Floor, 1 flying monks, but also poisoning, bad fight, 2nd Floor, the Yasha too hard, give up, 3rd floor, a lot of stone strange too hard. boss door have a lot of snake woman, is, relatively speaking, the snake woman is the best kill Renren immediate concern 32 or go to the fox lair door to kill the fox, although there is no equipment boxes, but the intermediate book boxes and materials is very good, 34 fox, a good kill. 4 story - gold 32 insect nests can enter, 1 ant team to blame, do not fight, but also immune to artillery fire, into the map on the right, the hive, the entrance of many larvae, 37, 38 of the words of this strange soft can, 32 to kill the light loose, do not run too inside Oh, there are bees flying, it is estimated that everyone hated playing the blame of the fly, and efforts to abuse insects, equipment box Material box material everything, you can immediate concern here 40 or to 36, 37 to Mumbai, the door to kill the scorpion. Many people say that the spider is very soft why not kill it, the spider is really soft, but think about it attacks .. horrible, Mumbai in front of the scorpion will poison, the monks learn a sacred care, the first two rounds so that other military forces to action to give the monks put about, and then began to abuse scorpion, because the scorpion 44, `experience high this time should be a bit, go get a few pieces of good armor and weapons. cheap 4story luna 40 into the ruins, a floor, birds flying strange pass 2 floor of the soldiers is too hard, but also blew, (you want to commit suicide I have no objection, but you take something to stay ah, blew even the residue is not left below), went straight to the 3rd floor, remains of central, where the strange bullied, although your grade is low and susceptible to miss this strange suck you blue or add their own blood, the general attack, their defense is weak, the team Danlian very good, very out of the box materials. 4 story - gold If you can find two teammates to practice with, can also go directly to the shadow layer 3 will be into chaos? Not afraid to pull .. 3v3 or difficult off the giant crystal and animal summon primary `tamer intends to chant, even if it did not intend tamer, the crystallization is still very valuable, `I have 42 to find the team where the immediate concern 44` and then start to do the task of tamer, `done almost 47 a,` you do not tame the beast recommend that you also do this task, seal the ball and crystallization can sell Shanghao price. Finish the task after 46, 47, you can choose to remain here brush , No team? Does not matter to pull in fact 46 bit penny of equipment a good job points, I do armor, this time 15 of 35 heavy helmet, the other parts of the wear of sucks, but the four armor enough resistance to a brush shadow three absolutely no problem for trainer I am a person silently in the brush 4Story the Gold, brush tired to go to. 46 can be Castlevania, we should have found many copies of the first map is not good to play, soft hidden behind it, brush the dog? Very good election discount, although I am also very fond of dogs, but because I brush for a long time crystallization dogs rating is not high enough, the experience was great, I ran 3 Figure prison, where there is a steel beautiful girl, beautiful girl Ah, the number one guy, I shout, I stationed here for a long time a. buy 4story gold Steel girl two kinds of strange, get an ax that looks scary, do not give him a tiger live to see his name, a magician! 'Magician what, put the Demons chant, but her low physical defense. Pu attack her, the rest of sword sickle Anti-matter is full of high use magic to fight to stay here a long time you will find your backpack Castlevania equipment box, the Black Knight equipment box, intermediate scouring the box material and so are a lot of, hey, are na, so what have. Brush 51 can do the witch task, and the tamer, no matter with or without have to do to with open crystalline or seal the ball out to sell, tamer and the Witch raising up a little high, but still expensive your value, when you use their Demons leveling, you will know that value for money, and finish the task of the 53 or so, back to the steel girl, if you want to with the witch brush crystallization shadow prison, Layer 2, where the blame will not put the magic, only physical attacks, fight easy, one individual? afraid of what team to play how can their own playing fast crystallization to `monks before the emissions of a good awakening. can use magic to fight magic, this strange Mofang low brush, I am here 57 Witch turn, also 20 to a crystalline deposit of turn two. 57 go to the devil jungle, fell monsters division task, `Although I am leveling do not do the task, but the mercenary task I will not give up, use with, do not sell them to the 4-story - gold, where the task is too much trouble. to do for a long time, can a group of people on the group, fight, or can, I'll be in trouble, to find people to group, two individual side grinding task of grinding one afternoon, only then the task done, 57 do the task, done over 59, and the rest of that experience, want to go to Babylon went to Babylon, do not want to go to Castlevania brush 4Story Gold, not the maze can also be, but there is a shadow copy of, or team up to go relatively safe, (evil Garnett, 4story luna playing one as long as the waited a long time, or forget it


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