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Developed by Korean game developer ZEMI Interactive MMORPG 4Story Game Agents Game & Game has been the introduction of the North American market. This resembles the "4Story" World of Warcraft "large-scale online games, 4story gold will America West, July 9, 2008 7:00 to open the first beta, open beta is expected to last one week. "4Story" will be reflected in the story, a variety of tasks, the regional battle, and strategic command system (Real-time Strategy the Command the System) and other content. Company personnel, said the strategic command system, the command to direct the peer system according to the movements of his companion and the enemy's position, will be used in the team, trade unions, regional occupation war, national war ". Game race of humans, orcs, monsters and other three, career warrior, killer, Archer, Mage, worship, and Summoner. In addition, the game players will travel through time and space to the endless task, to experience the freshness and fun. "4Story" The Korea ZEMI INTERACTIVE developed a description of the role of a hero the process, and has a huge mission system and RSCS (real-time strategy command system) MMORPG. "4Story" composed by the three countries. These three countries has a brave sergeant, mysterious magic, and the powerful mercenary. These three countries advocate a different history, which became the fuse pulled the endless war between the three countries. A hero will change the fate of these three countries, to the victory of their own will unlock the history of the puzzle to end the war, the hero players. The game player can choose three race: Terran, Orcs and Orcs. Six occupational Optional: warrior, assassin, archer, mage, priest and call. As a basis for a strong monarchy and military power, the despots satisfied Ban Shalini created a military state, he was hailed as "The Lion King", "Sun Jun, and its strong ability to command as a basis for successful implementation of the centralized system of rule, as the basis for the soldiers (mainly composed of infantry) while thousands of man-made units to intensive team-based, attack the enemy and the strong pressure of the positive breakthrough. Emperor Ferguson the Bridger Broken Diya Te ", the reign of Queen, who unified under Ivica Elijah, and built to resist across the sea Bridget Thorn mainland evil Mu alien invasion" Allah Hull "defensive wall defensive city. Therefore, all urban architecture in the building, focused on defense capabilities, and this style has been adopted so far. Gives the impression of the city is the seat, surrounded by thick walls and bunkers, resulting in a very strong visual impression of the fortress castle. But if you want what the characteristics of the Emperor Fergus, or the majority of land-based agriculture occupies a dominant position although there are also industries, iron civilization. The territory south of Dili Fergus completion of that area as the center of the vast earth, although once was Bor occupation, will eventually be recovered, so far as the agricultural center of Emperor Fergus, played an important role. The military origin of the monarchy "satisfied Ban Shalini, who is the guardian of this place, a historian, and into the central political. Since the cheap 4story luna battle, Brid Queen disappeared, the power gap that occurred during the Black Moon Night Massacre" event, in the process of clean up the mess after some power infighting, and eventually lost Quebec Eriksson "exposed Deluopeisa", to return to Royal Fergus area fall within their sphere of influence, and there established a national, self-styled ruler strong kingship as the basis, and in order Lourdes, Quebec Eriksson clashed fully prepared. All players belonging to the Emperor Fergus, can use the Emperor Fergus inherent in the Group exclusive fighting ability, which is representative of the Dili the Fergus military characteristics of the technology team with the enemy-enabling the ability to battle, composed of dense posed. The Quebec Eriksson monarchs, Lourdes Lan Luo Peisa "the continent the full period, Prime Minister Ivica Elijah. So far, he is still committed to the study of magic and alchemy all his time to study about magic and alchemy, and the wizard is always in their own city. However, Quebec Goran Eriksson is in the decentralization system of governance under the feudal system, Lourdes under the Magic Knights were dispatched throughout the military units led by the local lord soldier spear cavalry, so it is quite a stability places. Queen inherited Bridger built during the age of natural affinity, beautiful and has a long history of the city of Quebec Eriksson, seemed to tell the history of the past like still many beautiful and mysterious buildings to maintain its lifeblood of. Brid Queen of the beautiful Emperor Fu Ruisi palace by the "Black Moon Night Massacre," since only ruins, but in her next play satellite cities, "according to Erving still save, and now of Marcus newly created capital, next to silent stands. Quebec Erickson wizard forces Wizard furnace, and the maintenance of the reign of Queen in the past until the protection of the Ivica Elijah magic enchantment. Alchemy and magic research and development in the process of this force, it became the artificial production of weapons known as "God" has a special ability of magic weapons and armor as well as decorations basis, so far the study is still underway. Quebec Eriksson magic knight all value their honor them through one-on-one practice to enhance the fighting capabilities. And use the wizard with the magic power of their weapons to additional powerful force, and their ability to attack can even play as long as the attack will be able to knock down blocks in front of the enemy. Bor, located in the dry deserts of the initial scale invasion from the the Mu alien monsters to launch the buy 4story gold Battle of the refugees who fled south to flee the city of refuge. Most of the southern region of Ivica Elijah desert composed of rather unfavorable living conditions, but the southernmost of the Bor region highlands city center began to take shape. However, harsh environment and poor economic infrastructure, for the initial Bor brought only poverty and chaos, two teenage boys growing up in this environment "Neidebaide" and "Tristan" I grew away from home embarked on a journey of adventure, and they eventually grow up and return home to the remarkable young people, and work in order to revitalize the hometown of Bor is still trapped in poverty. Master merchant alliance, they established a new Bor, and will be constructed is not the Emperor Fergus and Quebec Eriksson about the powerful countries. At this point, the border crossings between the Emperor Fergus and Quebec Eriksson "Aryan channel is blocked, the bilateral trade between here and the formation of completely disrupted, which makes Bor found an excellent opportunity. Gradually accumulated in the triangular trade relations through intermediate transactions for the Emperor Fergus agricultural products and Quebec Eriksson magic weapons under the wealth of Bor, as an opportunity, finally laid the foundation of the State, and to develop its unique with excellent maneuverability Hidalgo. Bor, rationality and the economy as a first principle, to the desert's unique architectural style and a huge canal characterized, and harbor facilities for trade and Oasis, the successful construction of a desert city. 4story luna Bor soldiers fighting with the enemy technology is important, but the primary is in a difficult environment to survive. Thus, environmental adaptation, and the continuation of life from death is a great development and become a the Bor unique qualities. Their main use is to sacrifice some defensive skills was able to have amazing mobility than the blow back will be more machine power tactics, and persistent trained.


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