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4 Story Gold | Ming Dynasty, a closed-door policy, Shi Xinghai ban policy, Japanese suffering from severe. Miss Hua Mei, the Li with the pressure and bribery in the British officials acquiesced in the existence of the private fleet in the Li. Lee Ka and pirates to the island of battle many times, the height of success, Huamei also known as "Xiang Fei Tiger" Lee. This day, Lee Fleet once again successfully break the pirates, James and the line for a long time to come back to the messenger I celebrate the Yang Xien veiled criticisms of the British to monitor Richard back to Tucson, but Lee Ka Ming Dynasty waters sailing in the implementation of the Boycott policy Thanks to Richard back to Tucson a deep relationship with the United Kingdom. Yang Xien asked James: "What is the relationship between France?" James replied: "I have to help people made a scapegoat, can no longer come home. If you find him, I was going to teach him a lesson." A month later, came to the square of Hangzhou, Hua Mei and children to play, but the city residents fear, Yang Xien relieved Hua Mei. (1) Forces values ??in East Asia, and no hostile forces (2) (eradication to island or truce may be), came to Hangzhou guild, the Explorer would say: "Lee sister, although no express provision, the Ming government is willing to let your trading ..... www.thjy.co . "get" a combination of bamboo products map "(the earliest completion of this story: forces the value of 600, to Island 439,, of course, is the method of the truce). And come to the island state of war, into the Japanese port of departure occurs when the pirates of the armored ship event. This event, Lee can build the armored ship. (3) East Asia forces in 2000, in Hangzhou Port, Huamei collection of all the reality of the situation: powers eyeing have to send the fleet. Ming Although Zheng He's brilliant, has given up its right to a closed-door policy. The people decided to follow Huamei, "then let us join hands to all the world's waters stirred upside down it!" Hangzhou guild task (4): arrested in Indonesia Bailie Te ? Perot. (General del Nath) caught him, James would think of the past, he is framed they can not return, then beat ing ~ ~ ^ _ ^! After eradication forces to the island (5) in Osaka pub encounter a wounded man after the treatment he got the news, came to Macau to the pub to inquire about the next day to see the fake missionary group, then posing as the army expose them. Go back to Osaka pub, Banv Clara said to go to the temple paying homage to travel together, found relics (map), met the monk, and was told Bazhe card clues village in China's northeast. Tip: Osaka to go to Hokkaido, and then Korff; back have to go back to Hokkaido, so you can replenish food and water, accommodation and reduce fatigue - reassignment brothers do not need to look at. Get the Tang Dynasty bamboo products. Combination of two things, Section Lun bamboo Map, according to the map to find East Asia Bazhe, permit, "the emperor's long letter lanterns. 4 Story Luna | South-East Asia Region: Into the first ports in Southeast Asia, will pier boy Warning: Kuhn, and Rene is not involved in accordance with the pull of contention, back off and better. In the square, you will find a wounded man in order to find Kuhn's deal with A Gothic Chamber of Commerce of the deadly trap. Met in Manila the Museum scientist Mihaela Ekiji, ? Farouk ? Leci, add. (6) In Southeast Asia hotel to rest, Song B Fung brothers will visit Taoism Tuomeng Huamei. Malacca into Hong Kong Heard Ram about Archer Farm ? Burgers system visit Camille inform China Meili Lu ? A Gothic in Jakarta. Jakarta to enter the harbor, and the truth told Lilu, but not to be believed. Again came to Jakarta, Kuhn's fleet disguised as Lee Ka fleet attacks Lilu, when Hurd Ram took Camille to come to the Lilu explain, clarify the truth, the Huamei help Lilu repel Kuhn Fleet. Into Hong Kong after Li Lu and Heard Ram going back to the North Sea Huamei decided to go to war with Kuhn. Kuhn Chamber of Commerce after the dissolution of the young man of the pier will be told to find someone in Malacca. Came to Malacca, manned mission sent to Guam in Guam at the pier to get fitted with the emulsion of the pot. Received in Jakarta guild tasks (7): seize to steal the ship thieves "Chris Hugh root,". To complete the task of the chief of the guild talking about like the legend of the devil, the devil is in ruins with a seal, and the Hua Mei went to investigate. The ruins appear, the investigation revealed that the devil like, need to Fernand. In the Malacca guild received the task of looking for shark's fin (the fleet to have Al and LDK Solar (Cool). Down with the sharks at sea, made shark seedlings, sent to East Asia to get the shark fin (sent to the Mediterranean Sea caviar, the same can), buy a cabin back to the guild of Malacca, get paid 30,000 gold, 1% of Malacca share, monuments, survey sites (requires map), the coin of the ancient kingdom. In the port, the synthesis of the two small objects Bi Aspen currency map, according to the map to find in Southeast Asia Bazhe card - "Ku Deli's permanent talisman.cheap 4story luna | Indian Ocean region: Cali Hai, enter, met in the pub Chapman Lin ? Aurora Simatelex ? Monaco Pool, both miss each other. Pool Chamber of Commerce to the Monaco declaration of war, forcing its dissolution (9), back to Cali Hai special, enter the pub and Banv Commission Chennai governance Seoul conversation and learned that the nearby women are Huamei admirers, and not withered the lotus ". To enter the Arab port, came to meet Abraham, Yi Wen Woodin Lee Ka to exit the Indian Ocean. Agree bypassing Woodin's sphere of influence into Africa; choose not to agree to go to war and Woodin Chamber of Commerce. (How to choose and results) Came to Basra, the shipyard boss to find proficient in shipbuilding and fired, shooting people. When Charlie iron ceremony columns, Jie Nasi, Manuel returned to Basra shipyard to come up with new armor, since you can install in the transformation of "additional armor 2" (10) in the fleet. Then go to the guild Kushan dynasty market. Solon leaves Maps were synthesized in a hotel, find, and finally got Indian Ocean Bazhe, card - "This set of Vedic. Fleet James into special Hong Kong Plaza, Cali Hai, and Zevi join. Port hotels in India, James intends to survive later in this confused ... Pub of the Arab port, Hua Mei talking about the Arabs do not drink, causing the line for a long, EMC, James three arguments ... African Region: Mogadishu into port, Hua Mei is very mixed feelings: and finally to, this is Zheng He visited Africa ..... http://bbs.thjy.co/ ....... Espy the Bendict Chamber of Commerce of the atrocities seen in the harbor, all anger, and war. Espy Bendict Chamber of Commerce after the dissolution of the Clifford require inheritance the Espy Bendict Chamber of Commerce's interest in Africa, China Mei flatly refused to Hua Mei. Back in Sofala get mysterious stone the bottom half. Sofala hotel, James EMC for LDK Let's talk about the the Huamei reward and punishment of deeds. Madagascar into port, the Huamei get inspiration. Back to Hangzhou to the deliberations of the task to negotiate with the Government, the construction of fresh water in Hong Kong Richard back to Tucson. Richard get a large number of workers from the United Kingdom, they homesick, drink wine ... @ # $%. 5 cabins of wine bought in Europe, the exchange appears, the Li exclusively in Hong Kong. St. George enter the harbor, guild in order to expand the Guard to the task of the Chinese plum three times the procurement of weapons, are the armor of the five cabins, 5 cabins, alongside two cabins cannon. Upon the completion of a 1% share of 77,000 gold coins, relics. Explore the ruins and found that the "mud mosque and incorporate the bandits plunder St. George, the mysterious stone the upper half.buy 4story gold


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