the last 4Story empty dreams, suddenly and dance together

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 the last  4Story empty dreams, suddenly and dance together  Empty the last 4Story empty dreams, suddenly and dance together

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4 Story Gold excited scream miserably in the kunlun mountains and start resounded with... 12 wolves in the task, but at midnight. This for anybody is a big challenge, but no competition in the kunlun mountains, fall is a landscape. Four people again to the valley, guider kunlun are smiling mouth looked at four. "Good ah, the capacity of four short time but can complete the prescribed quantity, will have a period of kunlun peace day." Guider smiled and said, "according to your performance, do you have a problem." the last "Is there?" empty dreams, suddenly and dance together and face joint: standard demons. The elder brother zuo amorous feelings at the helpless shrugged his shoulders, and said it would not go after the shaolin, dance dream cold to hum 1 end. But if the kunlun pie with good skills, pour nor stay. They have said after a few problems, finally know, original rocks amorous feelings is to be dance kunlun dreams, reason is here to persecute the amorous feelings, and equality, at least in the lack of popular place, like dancing, the arrival of this beautiful dream will lead a storm together. Counsel after a short, finally decided to eliminate finally Wolf, just when he went to see a Wolf is standing nearby, four face high showing excitement, then started towards the wolves run away! The Wolf just refresh, is adapt to the environment, all around are not familiar with. But it just came out in a short time, he saw not suddenly have four noodles Lou look excited, running towards his bared monsters, and surprisingly fast speed, actually, haven?t come around the monster has come... The Wolf,cheap 4story luna, n?t think so, is the strongest. Dance dream smiled, "said the only people oriented, can become the strongest. "Light achievement." Beth said the cold air in the haze that was desolate, hundreds of people during a siege, still can relaxed freely, after the flying skills as empty haze has priority goal. "Entertainment!" The blue cried suddenly, all around, startled, entertainment game world ", which is the most important river. River is the only way to experience the better!" The guide, ha ha, but also does not give a wave, four people have disappeared in the kunlun mountains, go to the kunlun taniguchi on the hall. The house is the kunlun pie - what foot, rated as "holy" legends of kunlun three! At four new kunlun disciple, sufficient way smiled, ha ha, waved his hand in four prompt immediate side. "Congratulations, you become the kunlun pie disciple, affiliation contribution, affiliation status: 0 kunlun disciple." Beth empty at the tip, prentice-hall system has looked around and saw three of them were all seem to be, just one more hands amorous feelings, the body of a long sword flashing light, not all mankind. Chapter 9, ZhenHun meet loose Learned to think haze empty palace-intrigue, some comparative disadvantaged players, undoubtedly is just a moment. They?ve seen,4story luna, just two suddenly disappeared in situ, then suddenly burst into the game, a collision impact for a few seconds later, it is learned to fly by the scene. The rockets landed, rolling learned two laps after rolling potential, stopped the haze and empty dreams of residual noodles Lou surprised, ran to pick up Renaissance. Beth empty haze, with Renaissance secretly want ability to squeeze body now the fame thereof is not difficult, but less than ten seconds unexpectedly failed, the hall of fame in the top five what exactly is who ah? Of course, the second is not rich woman. A total of fame list, this study quota is 15 all we have closed river was one of a player,buy 4story gold, but also have different branches of natural ability, surely! This piece with Renaissance had learned when a few skill, certainly has the ability in the hall of fame, but within this world, also want to measure your Renaissance of strength. All the present have thoughts, floating leaf chilly looking Renaissance,buy 4story gold long after say: "you are called? You just learned is the internal reduce my proficiency is Dali period kung fu of north ShenGong hades?" If a float leaf, present the jing! Dali period of north ShenGong unexpectedly can consume others can force proficiency? Everyone began to measure himself if, after his meeting with Renaissance of internal force will be drained. Everybody?s back a few steps, only to float leaves and Renaissance. After looking for a Renaissance and sighed, "oh, that was Beth empty haze frowned, with an almost resentment eyes looking at the blue. Cyanine is a face of innocence smile: "ah, this blessing is too bad. Edge, but luck was phase block will stop." Provoked sword amorous feelings two sibling laughing. "Ha ha, you will actually kill so many wolves are rated meaning." Guider kept smiling, "questions, but also put forward the method of palm, so please you truthfully answer." After finished face suddenly become very serious: "what is the strongest lakes,?" "The sword in hand, all I have." Zuo said, "so, amorous feelings of the sword, and is the strongest river." "I doYou two still really... this shameful betrayal branches, you also do? We should honor, which can be forsaken own?" Zuo amorous feelings, "smiled but personally I prefer shaolin." "My brother!" The angry stare dance dream sword, "hum, amorous feelings if you dare to shaolin, I will take you to the leg interrupted by the kunlun quit!!!!!!!!!!" Beth look at hazediscovered. I also want to put it to use, you after frightening was reduced much proficiency?" "By the fifth floor 12% to the fourth floor 73%." Although it is a floating leaves, but face said everybody knows, the internal forces and practicing martial arts training. Internal training is very troublesome and boring, but no other way outside, meditation, and let the system, not only cost power-leveling greatly, and the only player when the effect of meditation, had a quarter. But the float, 39% of proficiency drop too too, to cause the high-level skills, the longer the time is required. And in the fifth floor has unexpectedly to float leaves at the moment, how can the fourth layer was not let a person? Renaissance was laughed, they began with a fear looked Renaissance. "Ha ha, reduced 39% ,4 Story Luna I have nothing to linger on leave,4story gold,". Say, shape also gets flying skills to fly out in a few moments, disappear in post of internal skill, but also bring me not only the internal force, cheap 4story luna,it seems I in absorption and transformation of the aspects are still not skilled ah." A sweet, throat feeling learned by the mechansm already know yourself, but also dare not show only lend a hearty laugh, and blood pressure forced. "I don?t know what you joined, and to learn is by what martial arts? How can there arc appear?" Ming asked others powers is "a" immoral, everyone has their privacy, and martial arts, is their privacy! If you let someone know your skill, natural enemy will fall in the passive, although know oneself skill is the Renaissance was found, but still have some unwilling, although know float does not speak, but the question out there, at the same time, some of the heart. "I did not join any branches, just happened to worship the one man for teacher, he taught me the book book or mad, my sword and skills are from the book", or mad." Floating leaf was silent for a moment later, or say, but still cold tone, "the hand of indifference, but also the teacher is an immense jian, since the Lord has met loose


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