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According to fencing class issued 4story luna  Empty According to fencing class issued 4story luna

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According to fencing class issued with the card, 0 4, 1 5, 2 6, 3 7. The hands of the card can be a bad point "attack - defense" button to switch to the "defensive" state, the enemy's attack will reduce the 3 percent or so.4story gold Note that when the defense out of the card is not effective, the equivalent of discarded. Ordinary attack of card number and size by comparing the priority degrees. The three attack cards, with values ​​as given, it will launch a "card deck", the priority is greater than normal attack cards: card deck from strong to weak degree of priority as follows: 184 "Medical hegemony technique" to recuperate (the specific value see medicine grade: 0 to restore 20 points, a 30-point, two 40-point, 3 50) 111 "B Liansha" strong attack on Seoul hopeless 259 "Seoul hopeless" strong flash in desolate streams brute force 763 "desolate streams flash" is usually stronger than the 929 attacks "eagle dove briefly," the longer the greater the power of the attack, increased 5 points for each round attack "special card" the highest priority. By holding military commanders exercise grips with fencing and access. Affect the ability to: force = force, the higher the higher the attack. Fencing sword = the higher the level, the more cards to choose from, temple Teachers stronger. May start (martial arts practice): cut back, King forces, when the body (in order to obtain the level, after the same) ◆ mock battle (study infantry, navy): 1000 infantry of both sides to play against the best practice of the bow technique 3 with "May the rain hit" card, use the "shoot" instead of "attack", it is easy to win. As the simulation is the same principle of war and combat, so combine it this way: the total value of the ordinary large number of cards one can get the right attack. "Portfolio" effect: three same value cards that "three"> 3 consecutive values ​​of cards that is "Triple" "three," a combination of 111 most powerful, big and strong other basic values. That is 111> 999> 888> ... ...> 333> 222 "triple" combination, 123 the strongest, the basic values ​​of other big and strong. That is 123> 789> 678> ... ...> 456> 234 "special tactics" card: Red card was first strike, than the "combination" priority. Blue card is after the attack, the advantage is to be effective. Yellow Card is absolutely valid after the attack, and each round can have an effect, also known as "permanent card." Using the "secret strategy" can be replaced with any card in your hand and you will battle in the current cards available, the number of secret and military policy on school grades. Secret can not be used in the simulation battle strategy. When in actual daily can select a field formation, formation depends on access to learning military science, different formation between the mutual restraint, Parkes dominant gas formation was reduced morale grams. Replaced once the card is one day, so in the hands of a "special tactics" card is best spent in all 5 rounds. "Back" to exit a force at war with each other, to save power. Back to form after the attack, but not necessarily successful. Back morale will decline. "Standby" can reduce the damage (reduced by approximately 2 to 4 percent), save force, and may slightly improve morale. Local soldier killed in combat and reduce the City defense, and "exploits" will rise. If a team exterminate the enemy (especially the enemy team will be able to add 3000 military exploits),cheap 4story luna exploits will be increased significantly. Battle victories, will be converted to military exploits exploits, exploits the top three in the (higher than the coach) can get additional feats. The first exploits exploits +50, second +25, third +15. Affect the ability: the higher command of = the command of power, the higher the attack force. Start possible: Infantry = ambush, House of Flying Daggers, navy = rapid pursuit, attack, baking branded ◆ race (learn riding): Select Control Panel by 6 times to control the horse speed to catch up with the computer that is considered qualified. The type of control panel: "windmill whip" +9 speed and instant acceleration (forward), the "carrot" +4 speed and instant acceleration, the speed of digital + corresponds to the value, "trap" can not slow down more in the past, or deceleration , "stone" deceleration, "sacked" direct loses. The faster the horse, there is a bad control panel, the higher the probability. If you feel too fast, you can select the "as is" and will slow down to reduce risk, the higher the force, there is a bad control panel, the lower the chance. If in danger, the dialogue will produce changes in the content column, whereby the speculation. Such as the first choice will say "good, fast red bar" that is basically not a bad control panel, rest assured election. Say "that's not all, run it!" Bad control panel that rarely, about 2. Said, "Akira, Akira badly ah ... ..." That's some bad control panel, about 3. Said, "ah, really fast ... ... ... ... as if to fall a" bad control panel about 4. More behind the faster, there is a bad control panel, the greater the probability, so it is important to choose the first two times, the election to whip or carrot back very active, and can even slow down safety first. Affect the ability to: force = force higher, then the "sacked", "stone", "trap" so the odds of a bad lower control panel. Riding = riding the higher the level the greater the difficulty of the game. Start possible: by collapse, prepare red spot, riding and shooting guns assault ◆ targeting (learn alongside): fired bullets take time, depending on your length of time to determine the force and command of the left column of energy can be together full time firing. Guns and archery different front sight is not shaking. Shooting to consider the effects of gravity and wind. Vertical and horizontal direction can be considered separately, in this study had a physical thing. Gravity in the vertical direction will result in decreased effects of 1m is no wind, when you shoot a bullet would not hit the front sight, but the lower side 1m. The impact of wind speed on bullet impact is half bow and arrow, shooting guns in the wind that is in effect to be halved, while the bow and arrow shooting is normal. For example, "left-2m" guns shooting in the wind in the effect of the bullet is left 1m, the rest of the analogy friends. For example, if it is "right-2m" + "reverse 2m" wind (perpendicular to the direction of "chasing" is up, "reverse" is down), that due to the impact of wind speed is in guns shooting in the half, but also This means that the impact of wind on the bullet is "right-1m" + "under 1m", do not forget to also consider the gravity of the bullet produced "under 1m" effect, so together outside of the bullet impact is "Right 1m" + "under 2m"buy 4story gold (note the horizontal and vertical direction is considered separately affect each other's), that the bullet will hit the front sight-right 1m 2m points on the lower side, then when will you actually aim to The point of the play as a true point to aim at. Bomb sight in front of the line when the point falls, it is more convenient target. So in order to target the direct use of sight, front sight is so elastic that the point you have to scrape the "no wind (horizontal)" + "chasing 2m" the wind, as shown below. [Sight distance] guns, bows and arrows are the

same quasi-radius of the inner heart = 1m, outer radius = 3m, in order to introduce the various distances, as shown below. Affect the ability to: use of force, command = two higher, the shorter the interval between each launch. Lilium Lilium = the higher the level, the faster moving target. May start: early joint, three sections of Strike, hit the bottle ◆ shooting bow and arrow fishing (bow Alchemist things): Principles and Lilium targeting similar, but the impact of wind on the bow and arrow is a bullet twice. That wind speed in the shooting bows and arrows in the impact that the displayed value, and gravity in the vertical direction of the bow and arrow is also cause decreased 1m impact. The same example, if it is "right 2m" + "reverse 2m" the wind, that because the impact of wind in the bow and arrow shooting is normal, so that the impact of wind on the bow and arrow is the "right-2m" + " under 2m ", do not forget to also consider the gravity of the bow and arrow resulting" under 1m "and are therefore outside of the bow together the impact is" right 2m "+" under 3m ", that will hit the bow sight bias 1m 3m under the right side of the point. So in order to target the direct use of sight, you have to scrape the "no wind (horizontal)" + "chasing 1m" wind. Do not forget to target and then clicking on the arrow icon will shoot bird Oh. Affect the ability to: force = force, the higher the rate of shaking sight smaller than 100 will not shake. Arch = arch surgery surgery the higher the level, the smaller target. Start may be: rockets, strong bow, May the rain hit into double ◆ six (learn military science): 8 times in the throws of the dice to reach the destination. The blue area is more advantageous to throw a; yellow is random, anything can happen; red is negative, it will encounter the enemy or trap. The key is to find an optimal line of march, do not care about the length, but the security is less red, it is best not. If you encounter a trap is lost opportunity dice; and face the enemy, we must throw two more points to pass, depending on the command of the: command of ≥ 95, have to throw 2 or more (including 2) 95> command of ≥ 80, must throw 3 or more (including 3) 80> Lord, and must throw 4 or more (including 4) The game of luck is very important, and once I actually throw three consecutive one point, they have to be mad-_! Affect the ability to: = command of the higher command of, the enemy suffered defeat when the number of points need to throw less. The higher military school military school =, enter the path longer. Start may be: scales, geese, Hydra, front vector, value yoke, Yanyue ... ... ◆ drawing card identification (learn Ninjutsu): on the left shows an original image will be a period of time (depending on use of force may be) after the disappearance, the right will six cards appear similar, within the specified time to find out the same card. Actually quite easy, as long as you are familiar with what kinds of images the subtle difference between the force for more than 50 can be easily done. [Tips] game in window mode, you can use the mouse to point to the top of the window status bar live link, you can pause the game, the game being released to continue. This artwork is displayed, you can pause the game first, careful to remember the details of the original image. The technique can also be used to learn the tea ceremony teacher was the eloquence and learning. In fact, familiar with do not have this "cheating". Affect the ability to: force = force, the higher the longer the display of artwork. Ninjutsu Ninjutsu = the higher the level, the shorter time limit, similar to the card more. Possible to start: No ◆ explore Ninja (Shi total damage): to find a few hidden ninja castle, is the eye test. Must first close watch ninja into the massive city, despite the castle exchange position, relying on vision and intuition to find the tall city. The game is not skill at all. Actually very easy, I believe our own eyes @ _ @ affect capacity: ninja = ninja higher the level, the fewer the number of the city, at least three. The larger the size of the city = city, the city moved faster. "Pull Stone" card = "city break city," the success rate and effectiveness will increase. "Camouflage" card = "city break rumors," the success rate and effectiveness will increase. "Use gunpowder" card = "city fire break" the success rate and the effect will increase.4story luna ◆ visit farmers (to master the people, soldiers, farmers separated): turn select three kinds of farmers' houses, and finally get to win more than the number of peasants. Houses in farmers (1 small one kind), people (6 people the kind of small), volunteers (six red villain kind of) three kinds of people. Farmers and the public will become one of us, and volunteers will be riots in the public away. Three kinds of houses have their own characteristics: the top of the houses only the farmers, the middle of the "!" Houses with people and volunteers, following the "?" Houses three kinds of people are likely. This game also depends on your luck. Beginning desperately grab "!" Houses of it, to take more people, volunteers will read the disk out of the good.


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