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"4Story" developed Korea ZEMI INTERACTIVE  Empty "4Story" developed Korea ZEMI INTERACTIVE

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GC2008 Leipzig game show brought us the "Warhammer OL" and "Wrath,"4story gold the wonderful video. Wrath of the Lich King on the endless rumors, but we did not get the exact official information. On the other hand, "Warhammer OL" has been determined to be in the September 18 closed beta, if you read the "Warhammer OL" in the commercials, the game will be curious about the occupational setting and team combat it, this must be the game one of the highlights, I hope developers can maintain a balance on this basis and update it in the name of live masterpiece.

And "Warhammer OL" different style fantasy MMORPG "Runes of Magic" and "Divine Tears OL", is also open to testing by the end of August. In addition, once the rage of the wizard also ushered in the latest sequel to Wizard 2, North American version a little later than the European version of the landing. September is also a new type of online games there, such as by foreign players such as the GTA games "7Million" and the racing game "Tales Runner", would like to try new ways players can try. Wizard 2 Wizard 2 in the Sept. 13 opening closed beta, this is the story of several hundred years later the wizard, YEDANG ONLINE developed "Elf 2" The main reason was originally intended in the "Wizard" did not add the role to add on.

As "Heaven 2" and heaven as "Wizard 2" and "Wizard" is also relevant, but are different games. Started from 2004 because of development,cheap 4story luna "Elf 2" was used by top engine Unreal2.5. Moreover, the "Wizard 2" previously used "Wizard" in the articles, race, etc., based on the basic framework, strengthening the war and the economic system. "4Story" in the manifestation of the story of a variety of tasks as the central, regional and strategic battle command systems (Real-time Strategy Command System) and so on. Company for personnel, said, "is the strategic command system, command the movements of their partners were based on the location of enemy command and companion systems, will be used in the team, trade unions, regional occupation of war,national war and so on."

Games race of human, orcs, monsters and other three, occupation soldiers,killer, Archer, Mage, worship, Summoner, etc. 6. In addition, the game players will also travel through time and space to carry out the endless task, to experience fresh and fun. "4Story" developed Korea ZEMI INTERACTIVE description of the role of a hero is a process, buy 4story goldand has a huge mission system and RSCS (real-time strategic command system) MMORPG. "4Story" composed by the three countries. The three countries, which has a brave sergeant, mysterious magic, and the powerful mercenary. This three countries were different historical claim, which became the fuse pulled the three countries of the endless war. The emergence of a hero to change the fate of these three countries, his country's victory in order to unlock the puzzle of the history of the end of the war, the hero is the player.

Game for three players chosen race: Terran, Orc, and Orc. Six career options: warrior, assassin, archer, mage, priest and call. South Korea ZEMI and operated independently developed MMORPG "4Story OL" will be substantially updated. With this update, the latest addition, the mission area, PK points system, new props will be presented one by one. New mission area increased from 10 to 20 mainly low-level player based, is to experience the battle with the enemy PK dispute area. Again, compared to ordinary scene, the experience can get a higher value if the case of the completion of the task can be rewarded experience points. ZEMI relevant responsible person said, "With this update, to meet high-level players who want to PK with the enemy straightforward desire, 4story lunain this I also hope my players will pay attention to in the future will be added to the siege warfare system."


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