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combat it, career options: warrior, assassin, archer, mage, priest and call.this must be the game one of the highlights, I hope developers can maintain a balance on this basis and update it in the name of live masterpiece. And "Warhammer OL"4story golddifferent style fantasy MMORPG "Runes of Magic" and "Divine Tears OL", is also open to testing by the end of August. In addition, once the rage of the wizard also ushered in the latest sequel to Wizard 2, North American version a little later than the European version of the landing. September is also a new type of online games there, such as by foreign players such as the GTA games "7Million" and the racing game "Tales Runner", would like to try new ways players can try. Wizard 2 Wizard 2 in the Sept. 13 opening closed beta, this is the story of several hundred years later the wizard, YEDANG ONLINE developed "Elf 2" The main reason was originally intended in the "Wizard" did not add the role to add on. As "Heaven 2" and heaven as "Wizard 2" and "Wizard" is also relevant, but are different games. Started from 2004 because of development, "Elf 2" was used by top engine Unreal2.5. Moreover, the "Wizard 2" previously used "Wizard" in the articles, race, etc., based on the basic framework, strengthening the war and the economic system. Taiwan News, July 2008, Taiwan established game makers have Rick emerging digital technology, announced on February 27 with the South Korean game makers Zemi Interactive completed signed a contract to obtain a new online fantasy game style "4 Story", scheduled 4,5 month of this year to start testing. Technology that was Rick, "4 Story" won the 2008 Korean National FTTH Services and Contents Convention Bronze Medal Award. The story has a rich story, multiple game scenarios of background, cheap 4story lunathere are a huge mission system and the unique "real-time battle command system" (Real-time Strategic

Command System, RSCS), received by the players. "4 Story" in the third quarter of 2008, worked in South Korea, Japan, Germany and the United States (International Server) and other regions launched from the CB to attract a large number of players from the influx of the game in Japan in October last year, beta, the game called "Lost the kingdom of the gods disappear Eden ~ ~ "(tentative translation, Japanese called" Lost Eden ~ God 々 の え ta ki States ~ "; Rick technology now have secured the distribution rights, the future of Taiwan players will be able to enjoy the game, the current Taiwan's Chinese name pending version of the game. "4 Story" describes the human story of the game after losing the gods favor confrontation between the three countries have the world, players will embark on adventurous journey to get back to world peace; game total of human beings, elves, orcs and other 3 race, and the warrior, priest, mage, assassin, summoner, archer, etc. 6 Professional, the game has a story in addition to up to 200 million words over the rich content, and emphasizes the theme of the players to RvR competition. Rick technology have said that South Korea Zemi in February 2009 with those of Japan revised, the new honor system and open a second front, as the Taiwan version is expected in January 2009, between 4,5 to test. Recently, claims have World of Warcraft Western-style fantasy gaming "4Story" served the United States released a video assassin,assassin is considered the god of darkness (Panda Long)buy 4story gold of the eye, it was cold and skilled in ambush. As Panda Long guardian assassin, because it has intelligent and precise sense of the people feel cold, so not only when developing tactical military advisor, but also play an important player in the dark, cold- blooded assassin. Although the assassin has inherited Panda Long's ability, but not as soldiers but as dazzling glory But they also have their own way of fighting. knew the enemy, you can easily use their unique skills to attack and disappear. "4Story" is a description of the process the role of a hero, and has a huge mission system and RSCS (real-time strategic command system) MMORPG. "4Story" composed by the three countries. This three countries, which has a brave sergeant, mysterious magic, and the powerful mercenary. and this three countries were different historical claim, which became the lead Solar fire from the three countries of the endless war. and the emergence of a hero to change the fate of these three countries, his country's victory in order to unlock the puzzle of the history of the end of the war, the hero the player. 4story lunagames for players to choose three races: Terran, Orc, and Orc. six


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