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Manager interview 4STORY Shen Xianhao  Empty Manager interview 4STORY Shen Xianhao

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To the wonderful story of the game background and occupation of the characteristics of warfare is ZEMI INTERACTIVE 4STORY Part 3 masterpiece.4story goldTo open the game from a first closed beta 4STROY the road is not good to go, to say the way is hard. Here we are with the 4STORY ZEMI INTERACTIVE game development manager responsible Shen Xianhao know 4STORY it together.
4STORY picture of the game style is very similar to the "World of Warcraft", so many players are skeptical 4STORY is not imitating the "World of Warcraft."
Reporter: Do you look at how public opinion?
Application: When measured for the first time I feel very sad because 4STORY not impersonate any 4story lunaIs biased in favor of our Scandinavian style game, with some of the game in style similar to Bale. I'm sure we do not imitate any game.
Reporter: So how would the next step 4STORY away?
Application: design of the game from now on the scene we want to change a style, we have to prove that our game does not imitate any games. We feel that this issue is very important. Game screen can be the developers of the face, so we want to design the game from now on the scene with a new style of the game screen to demonstrate our self-esteem and develop their ability to staff.
4STORY the closed beta has been two weeks, and during this period account security systems, games and other aspects of frequent problems.
Reporter: Tell me about the situation 4STORY closed beta right?
Application: Unstable and account for server security issues,buy 4story goldand I apologize to the players. For some issues we do not fully prepared, so when in addressing the problem may well be the emergence of new problems. In the first closed beta to the players when we created so many problems outside the game.
The players are afraid of misunderstanding Shenjing Li added the sentence: "We did not early in the work, we have been working late at night."
Reporter: "4STORY What is the goal?"
Shen: "Our goal is to create a classic game. We hope that the majority of players 4STORY be recognized, but even if only one player that the game well, as developers we are satisfied."
4STORY the road is still very far away. 4STORY is full of class 80, 81 ~ 90 is the new chapter in "Heroes." And now for the first time measured the 4STORY, it sold only a small step.
Shen Jingli want to create is a world full of passion, command of a mighty force in the world, the hero, resourceful strategic military strategist,4story lunathe brave soldiers rally started well when the large-scale fighting.


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