Part 1: Some Tips for Equips in MapleStory

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Part 1: Some Tips for Equips in MapleStory Empty Part 1: Some Tips for Equips in MapleStory

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Part 1: Some Tips for Equips in MapleStory
This is maplestory-mesos. We have collected the tips for equips in MapleStory which we got from other site, hope you can learn more about it.

Figures on our Equipment(Buy maplestory mesos) list are averages.Hats: Level 0: Mark of the beta (hat). All stats +1, Level 0: Newspaper hat, HP +20 (don't know where to get, but saw someone wearing it), White/Red/Blue Maple Bandanna (hat) All stats +1/2/3, Level 5: Headband (hat) W.Def 5, Level 8: Swimming Cap (hat) W.Def 7, Level 10: Bandanna (hat) W.Def 8, Level 15: Metal Gear (hat) W.Def 10, Level 15: Yellow/Blue Metal Gear, W.Def 12, Level 25: Red/Yelow/Blue Starry Bandanna W.Def 18, Level 25: Red Pig Headband, W.def 12, HP +50, Level 35: Chief Stan Hat! W.Def 27 (Quest), Level 42: Bone Helm, Jump + 5, SPEED + 8.

Shields: Level(cheap maplestory mesos) 5: Stolen Fence W.Def 5, Level 10: Pan Lid, W.Def 10 hundreds of thousands more mesos for just + 5 Def, Maple Shield Stats currently unknown. Shoes: Level 11: Gomushin, W.def 4, Speed +2, level 16, Aroa Shoes, W.def 7, Level 26: White Bottom Shoes, W.Def 13, Speed +3. Top: Level 11: Blue One-lined T-Shirt, W.Def 11 Level 11: Orange Spotty T-Shirt, W.Def 11. Bottom: Level 11: Grey Sweat Pants, W.Def 9, Level 26: Como Pants, W.Def 19, HP +5.

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